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We went there for breakfast over the weekend there were dishes that were not clean somebody complained and the dishwasher started slamming dishes and cursing in front of my kids ask the manager why she wasn't addressing the situation because she was right there she told me I could do her job for her if I had a problem of course I had a problem so did a number of other people that were having breakfast as well I asked for a refund and had to wait approximately 30 minutes I go to that hometown at least twice a week I've never had experience like this not only did the dishwasher curse in front of my kids he also cursed out the woman who was making the omelets right in front of the manager and she did nothing about it this is ridiculous something needs to be done.

Review about: Hometown Buffet Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most managers will be hostile when you ask like that. I would have asked you to leave and never return.

to Anonymous #1348131

Lol how did I ask her? There is nothing rude or hostile about the way I asked her why she wasn't addressing the situation in fact her reply was very rude she asked me to do her job.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1347338

When the manager said you could do her job for her if you had a problem, your response should have been directed at the dishwasher "you're fired."

to h.kitchener #1347509

I didn't go to college to work at a food restaurant there was no way I was going to do her job for her don't work for free and plus he was way to hostile

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